What to Wear

Your shoes may get wet so wear some old ones. Trainers are ideal, but no black soles please as these mark the decks.
We advise you to wear 3 or 4 layers of clothes (particularly if it is cold or wet) – it is better to be too warm and remove a layer than to get cold. Hats and gloves are very good at helping you maintain a constant temperature. A waterproof jacket will keep the spray off and also help keep the wind out.
Especially on a warm day a small plastic bottle of water or your favourite (non alcoholic) drink will keep you refreshed.
If you need to take medication regularly please bring this with you and make sure your skipper is aware of your needs.
Remember that the sun’s rays are doubly strong when reflected off the water, and that you can get burnt even on a cloudy day. Ensure you wear a sunscreen that suits your skin type each time you sail, and protect your eyes with sunglasses.
Personal Buoyancy
Lifejackets or buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when on the pontoons or in the boats .We provide these free of charge in all sizes.
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