Our Boats

Our current fleet consists of four 20 foot Hawk keel boats, “Nadia”, “Blue Dolphin”, “Valentine” and “Twin Sails”. They are fast and fun, but have great stability and are simple and forgiving to sail. These boats are ideal for beginners or those who like a performance boat and they can by sailed by 2 people but can take up to 6. They are all fitted with spinnakers for improving speed when sailing in light airs, and are equipped with outboard engines to ensure safe manoeuvring on and off the pontoons. For extra comfort they also have cushions on the seats! “Twin Sails” was especially commissioned with extra modifications to enable those with mobility problems to move around the boat more easily.

Each boat will be manned by two experienced helpers, who will encourage the disabled crew to take an active part in sailing the boat.
Whenever our boats are on the water they are accompanied by our state of the art safety boat “Malcie”. This has a powerful 50 HP engine and a drop front at the bow which can be quickly lowered to make recovery of anyone who is in the water safe and comfortable.
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